2020 Define American Artist Fellow: Goolam Saber - Define American

Goolam Saber

Multi-disciplinary visual artist
Phoenix, AZ


Goolam Saber is a multi-disciplinary visual artist from Johannesburg, South Africa, currently living in Phoenix, Arizona. ⁣His mediums include: printmaking, mural painting and design, paper sculptures, typography, artist books and installations. Each piece he creates is process driven using found and rescued materials, each piece relative to the space in which he finds himself.

His work acknowledges the past that shaped the present using ancient elements and combining them with contemporary practice. He creates public workshops and works extensively within underserved, marginalized communities, collaborating with community members to create artworks that promote change whilst making art accessible.


Fellowship Reflection

Read Goolam’s reflections on his work and experiences during the 2020 Define American artist fellowship.

2020 artist fellow Goolam Saber's workspace.

“As massive protests erupted outside my apartment in honor of George Floyd, I looked over at my wife and really questioned if America is the place for our little family. But if we leave, they have won. I stand firm. I know if America can make the change and learn how to be equitable and equal, the world will follow.”

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Ten Questions

We asked each DA Fellow about their lives, favorites, inspirations, and struggles. Read Goolam’s answers.

Four artists' works arranged in a tilted grid.

🎨 What’s a risk you’ve taken lately?⁣⁣
⁣Immigrating to the United States as a Muslim during the Trump presidency. Birthing a child during COVID-19. Making the conscious decision to pursue art as a sustainable career. ⁣⁣

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