2020 Define American Artist Fellow: Grecia Huesca Dominguez - Define American

Grecia Huesca Dominguez

Author, poet, and founder of Latinx Writers Co.
Hudson Valley, NY


Grecia Huesca Dominguez is the author of the children’s book, Dear Abuelo, finalist of the Tomás Rivera Mexican American Children’s Book Award and recognized by Bank Street College of Education as one of the Best Children’s Books of 2020. Her poetry has appeared in The Acentos Review, Crossin’ Borders Zine, and the Breakbeat Poets Vol. 4 LatiNext Anthology.

In 2019, she founded Latinx Writers Co. with the goal to create a resource for writers of all levels, guided by the principle that all writing is valid, and a writer is someone that writes. Her mission is to encourage immigrant writers to explore beyond their trauma, by reclaiming their narratives, embracing their triumphs, heartbreak, and joy.

At the age of ten, she moved from Veracruz, Mexico to the Hudson Valley where she currently resides with her daughter.


Fellowship Reflection

Read Grecia’s reflections on her work and experiences during the 2020 Define American artist fellowship.

Grecia's workspace.

“The most important aspect of my work was my community project — a workshop for undocumented high school students on how to tell their own stories and not to fall into the immigrant trauma trap.”

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Ten Questions

We asked each DA Fellow about their lives, favorites, inspirations, and struggles. Read Grecia’s answers.

Grecia and her young daughter in sunglasses, smiling.

🖊 When you’re having a bad day, what do you do?⁣
As a mother, sometimes it feels like I am not allowed to have bad days, but I think what I have found most helpful is being honest about it. My daughter is eight now and she understands what it means to be cranky. I have taught her to tell me how she feels so we can deal with it and now I am doing the same. I tell her I am cranky and ask for a hug. I think hugs help me the most, especially hers.

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