Community Guidelines - Define American

Community Guidelines

Do's and Don'ts


Speak from the heart. 

Talk about your goals, for yourself or your family. Talk about the challenges you face. Your honesty will make your video a success.

Share your story over social media.

Tweet at friends, family, celebrities, politicians, anyone who you feel should know about your story and would benefit from telling their own. If you tweet @DefineAmerican or send us a message on Facebook, we’ll tag you in our post!

Tolerate diversity.

Understand that not everyone shares your perspective. Show respect for all of the different stories published by Define American.

These are some things that will result in your post being removed. Multiple attempts to derail, inflame or otherwise hurt the quality of conversation may result in your account being blocked, or your posts deleted.


Don’t threaten or insult people because of race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or other traits. This means dropping use of the term “illegal” when referencing a person. You can use it to describe actions, laws, etc. but NOT people. Learn more about why the term is inaccurate here.

Don’t threaten people.

No content that directly or indirectly incites physical harm to people or property.

Don’t post for others.

Define American is dedicated to telling the stories of real people. Do not violate the trust of others and post on behalf of people who may not be comfortable sharing their story.

Don’t violate the privacy of others.

Don’t post confidential information like private email addresses, identification documents, credit card numbers, home addresses, private telephone numbers, or photographs of people posted without consent.

Don’t spam.

You cannot use the platform to directly sell your products, promote your media, or otherwise detract from the core purpose of sharing your narrative.

Don’t give legal advice, make defamatory claims, falsify your own information or encourage other forms of willful disobedience.

We expect debate and disagreement, but we don’t tolerate abuse, stalking, threats, trolling, or any form of bullying.