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Journalism Partnerships

Helping journalists cover stories about immigrants
in a more humanizing, accurate way.

Covering immigration is as complex as the laws that govern it. Journalists must grapple with swiftly-changing policies amid a fiercely competitive news climate, and a polarized public distrustful of the media.

We help journalists cover stories about immigrants in a more humanizing, accurate, and less sensational manner. We emphasize the universality of their narratives, rather than the “othering” of immigrants.

Mentoring and research form the pillars of our program.

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Our head of Journalism Partnerships, Liz Robbins, spent 19 years as a reporter at The New York Times, where she covered immigration, and has taught journalism students on the graduate and high school levels. She provides these services by appointment:

  • Curated source lists
  • Story brainstorming
  • Topical fact sheets
  • Guest lectures on immigration history, law, and ethics
  • Newsroom webinars
  • Panel moderating

Original Research

Data and storytelling work symbiotically. Define American’s original research aims to help journalists tell stories by giving them this data on immigration-related topics such as:

  • Language usage
  • Spread of disinformation
  • Audience engagement
  • Surveys of immigration journalism

Informed by this research, we supply tools to combat xenophobic language, suggest alternatives to quoting nativist-funded groups, and offer surprising and thoughtful reporting angles about immigrants.

The First 100 Days

See the results of our latest snapshot research project on news coverage of immigration during the first 100 days of Biden’s administration, or watch our video below.

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Want to work together? Contact Liz Robbins via email [email protected] or by DM on Twitter.