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Wear the Pin

Solidarity is no fashion statement

Wearing a pin isn’t enough. If you wear the pin, you are declaring a commitment to fight injustice, whatever form it takes in the next four years.

1.  Have tough conversations at home.

If you hear someone saying something hateful, it’s your patriotic duty to call them out. People need to understand that it’s not OK to discriminate and fear-monger in the ways that Donald Trump and Mike Pence have in this campaign, throughout their lives.

If you feel like you don’t understand a subject well enough, seek out information from unbiased sources. At Define American, we’ve compiled facts about immigration at, and encourage journalists and everyday folks to learn and share.

2. Follow individuals on social media who are different from you.

You do not have to agree with everything a person says. But by exposing yourself to different points of view, you can learn about the current events that affect them and amplify their message. You can follow the hashtag #WithDACA on twitter to find voices from the immigrant community.

3. Create spaces for community dialogue.

It could be a book club, or a self defense class. You could start a politically active MeetUp, a protest group, or an alumni organization. If you’re a college student, consider starting a Define American College Chapter, and work towards building a diverse coalition of students. When you have a group of people you are comfortable with, you can expand the circle, and challenge viewpoints publicly.

4. Support organizations that are working to defend civil liberties.

There are many non-profit organizations who will be tested greatly in the years to come. Research their missions and find ways to support their campaigns. At Define American, we believe in using the power of stories to change the way media and individuals talk about immigrants, citizenship, and identity. Please support our work!

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