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8 Ways People of Faith Can Help Reunite Families

The Trump Administration’s “zero tolerance” policy continues to keep families apart with no real plan to reunite the more than 2,300 children taken from their parents at the border and continues to jail families seeking asylum. Here are eight simple actions you can take right now:

Sign and share this petition demanding the Trump Administration #ReuniteThe2300 children separated at the border with their families. Every signature sends an email to the President, DHS, and HHS.

Email this guide to your local journalists to ensure they’re informed when reporting on the current situation at the border. Here is a map of where migrant children are being held throughout the U.S.

Donate to these organizations doing important work to shed light on the ongoing human rights violations at the border, and working to support and reunite families.

Participate in the #BreakBreadNotFamilies 24-day hunger strike and prayer chain. Fast remotely or in McAllen, TX  for one day and share your testimony about why you are fasting using #ReuniteThe2300.

Join or host a local event demanding that the Trump Administration #ReuniteThe2300. Let Define American know by emailing us at [email protected] so we can raise more attention for your efforts.

Consider these talking points. Many communities of faith and denominations have also issued statements.

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Start a conversation about “sanctuary” in your congregation to advocate for families being separated due to deportation roughly every two minutes, touching every community in the US. Already have a sanctuary coalition in your community? Please let us know about your efforts so that we can connect journalists who are interested in covering sanctuary.

Contact Define American’s Rev. Ryan Eller ([email protected]) if you need further support with any of these action items, such as hosting an event. Let us know which actions your community is taking so that we can amplify and support each other in this critical moment.

Starting a conversation about sanctuary for undocumented Americans is about establishing a narrative of justice.

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Rev. Alison Harrington of Southside Presbyterian Church of Tucson, AZ explains the historical roots of sanctuary, and shares her community’s experiences.

Rev. Noel Anderson of Church World Service offers a broader political context for the current Sanctuary Movement, and highlights what church groups can accomplish.

Rev. Deborah Lee of Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity gives on the ground information about church communities offering sanctuary today.

ACLU lawyer Jonathan Blazer cautions with legal advice for congregations considering offering sanctuary to undocumented immigrants.