#ReuniteThe2300 Tweetstorm - Define American

#ReuniteThe2300 Tweetstorm

DATE: Monday, July 2nd TIME: 4-6 p.m. ET / 1-3 p.m. PT HASHTAG: #ReuniteThe2300

Sample tweets: Pre-awareness – General Audience:

General Messaging  – General Audience:

Please don’t let this moment pass. Keep sharing until we #ReuniteThe2300. bit.ly/ReuniteThe2300

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Uplifting The Washington Post:

Great job! Your work is essential:


Keep asking about what happens to the kids whose parents won’t self-deport. #ReuniteThe2300. bit.ly/ReuniteThe2300

Uplifting The New York Times:

Great job! Your work is crucial:


Keep asking if they know where ALL of the 2300 children are. #ReuniteThe2300 bit.ly/ReuniteThe2300

Uplifting The Los Angeles Times:

Great job! Your #immigration coverage is vital: @kurtisalee @latimes. Keep asking if the administration plans to indefinitely jail families. We must #ReuniteThe2300 now and in U.S. communities, not prisons or by self-deportation. bit.ly/ReuniteThe2300

Uplifting USA Today:

Great job! Your work helps #KeepFamiliesTogether:


Keep reminding readers why detained families risk everything to come to the U.S. #ReuniteThe2300 bit.ly/ReuniteThe2300