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Why do #SourcesMatter?

The administration openly uses derogatory terminology against immigrants and models its immigration policies and talking points on language used by extremist anti-immigrant organizations founded and funded by the eugenicist John Tanton. The media continues to follow this lead to various degrees, according to our research.

Disreputable anti-immigrant extremist groups in the Tanton Network (Center for Immigration Studies, NumbersUSA and the Federation for American Immigration Reform) are on the rise and have found new sympathizers in the Trump administration. Language originated by hate groups has been weaponized, and veterans of hate group leadership now work for the government. The media, in using the language of these groups, legitimizes the insidious reasoning used to separate families, spread fear within immigrant communities and profile Americans.  

Define American is taking a stand, and we are calling on journalists to stop citing known hate groups with direct ties to the administration.

Read about how major U.S. newspapers continue to cite these groups without context and find out more about the Tanton Network.

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